Premium Service: Futures Support on TBOT on TradingBoat

TBOT on TradingBoat's capabilities to include support for Futures contracts, which complements our existing support for Stocks, Forex, and Crypto.


We are excited to announce the expansion of TBOT on TradingBoat's capabilities to include support for Futures contracts. This new feature complements our existing support for Stocks, Forex, and Crypto and is designed to enhance your trading strategies through the TBOT platform. To utilize this feature, additional components will be integrated on top of the existing repository: GitHub - PlusGenie/tbot-tradingboat: Converting TradingView PineScript Alerts into Interactive Brokers Orders

Premium Futures Service: Unlocking Advanced Features

To access our Premium Futures Service, we invite you to enroll in our specialized Udemy Course: Simple and Fast Trading Robot Setup with Docker & TradingView. This course is your gateway to mastering TBOT on TradingBoat and understanding the advanced features you'll enjoy with the Premium Service - Futures. Note: The Premium Futures Service is exclusive to course participants.

Integrating TradingView PineScript for Enhanced Futures Trading

Enhance your Futures trading with the ability to place orders directly from TradingView's PineScript. By using our specialized script (PineTradingbotWebhook), you can seamlessly transmit Futures orders to TBOT on TradingBoat via Webhook. TBOT leverages the ib_insync API for precise order placement and tracking, allowing for diverse order types like Stop Order, Limit Order, and Bracket Orders (including Profit Taker and Stop Loss).

New Feature Spotlight: Internal Support for Future Contracts

TBOT now internally supports Future Contracts, enhancing your trading capabilities significantly. Here's a glimpse of the new feature in action:

Contract contract = new Contract();
contract.Symbol = "GBL";
contract.SecType = "FUT";
contract.Exchange = "EUREX";
contract.Currency = "EUR";
contract.LastTradeDateOrContractMonth = "202303";

Moreover, you'll enjoy an intuitive and powerful web interface to access and manage Futures contracts effortlessly. The screenshot provided offers a sneak peek into the streamlined experience.

Introducing the Futures Package on TBOT on TradingBoat:


Description & Details

Supporting Futures on TBOT

Price: £2499 for services, support, and premium features (not for GPL v3.0 licensed software). Prerequisites: Completion of the Udemy Course, familiarity with PineScript, and TBOT library message format.

Premium GitHub Repository

Access: Invitation as a collaborator. Setup: Clone the repository and set up SSH keys for secure cloning.

Building with Docker Compose

Commands: Run docker-compose build. Customization: Set TBOT_TRADINGBOAT_GIT_REPO for a personalized setup.

PineScript Library

Resource: PineTradingbotWebhook library. Main Function: makeWebhookJson() for creating JSON messages for order placement. Usage: Detailed script with superTrend strategy. Support: Access to a collection of PineScript examples and additional resources.

Key Parameters for Futures

Includes ticker, lastTradeDateOrContractMonth, exchange, contract (optional), and currency (auto-set by PineScript).

License and Support

License: GNU General Public License v3.0. Services and support are chargeable, not the GPL software. For commercial or proprietary use, contact separately. Support: Additional resources and documentation provided.

For more information or to begin utilizing Futures on TBOT on TradingBoat, please visit our GitHub repository or contact us directly for any inquiries related to commercial licensing or proprietary use. We're committed to continually enhancing our platform and are excited to see how these new features empower your trading strategies.

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