Q&A: Troubleshooting TradingBot Stop Loss Update Issues


I purchased your TradingBot installation manual via this site approximately a month ago. Everything functions correctly, except for the stop loss update. When I input the command as directed on Pine, the alerts section in the ALERTSTAT column displays the message "ENOENTRDB." What steps should I take?


When it comes to updating bracket orders, such as Profit-Taker and Stop-Loss orders, encountering errors like "ENOOPENDB" suggests that the updates to these orders are invalid. This issue often arises if the orders have already been executed and filled. Should you discover that your stop-loss order has been executed, it's safe to disregard this message. Alternatively, if the issue stems from a lost existing database, this could be the root cause of the problem.

Further details and procedures, I highly recommend referring to the comprehensive Udemy course available here: Link to Udemy Course.

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